Racism. Sexism. Ageism. We don’t want none of ’em.

I’m the first to admit that the ugly, despicable kind of racism that has and does still run rampant in some part of this country is not familiar to me. Hell, I thought it had been abolished with slavery! Let me explain.

I live on a volcanic rock in the middle of the Pacific Ocean and the majority of the population in my home state are of Asian ancestry; specifically Japanese, Filipino. and Chinese.

Hawaii residents claiming to be full blooded Japanese, Chinese or Filipino make up over a third of the entire Hawaii population, or, collectively, 35.5%, with our Japanese born locals coming in way in the lead at 16.7%. Oh, that doesn’t seem like a lot? To put that into perspective, only 6.6% of locals have Native Hawaiian blood.and less than 1% of that measly amount can speak Hawaiian. You know what, for further perspective, here’s another little tidbit: only 9.4% of Hawaii residents have some strain of pacific islander mojo. For

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