Power Ballad

downloadGazing out from eyes bloodshot and stained with tears,

The light grows stronger and now we start to see

That’s what the intention always was, you know

The intention deep down inside that’s been set free

As history often does and always will repeat itself

The good, the bad, the ugly and the Greed,

Remember that when our ancestors came up against the immovable,

The unchangeable, the force that set out to make them bleed.

Instead of hanging their heads or running in fear,

They not only stood their ground, they took it back

We live free because they took no substitute for real freedom

How could we ever let that line go slack?

We live today because they refused to give in or give up,

They knew true freedom could never survive that way

They knew that once the fear and doubt took hold of you

It’d eat you alive and with your freedom, you would pay.

So they fought and though they may have lost a few,

A few battles and even more than a few friends

They knew and we should remember this, too

Only when we unite will the Devastation end.

No matter your political views or feelings

No matter your party, position or place

No matter your age or sexual preference

No matter your gender or your race.

You and I, we, we are all in this together

In for a penny, in for a pound, every cent

Let’s not let our petty differences stop us

From showing this Devastation its end.


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