There are so many, many, MANY poems and stories and songs about love that move me for different reasons and in different ways, but in his poem (this page’s featured image), E.E. Cummings succinctly, and still so eloquently, captures my idea of the foundation of love. Let me explain…

Love is the voice under all silences Love is the reason we do the things we do for our loved ones without asking ourselves “what’s in it for me,” because we already know what’s in it for us, no matter what “it” is and that’s their happiness or comfort or just making them feel better, that’s the motivation and intended result.

The hope which has no opposite in fear – no matter how many times we’ve been disappointed or have our hearts broken; even if we tell ourselves “never again!”No matter how hard we might try to avoid love, there is a part of us, a part of our soul, that keeps a light on for love and watches and waits for it even when we try to shut it out.

The strength so strong, mere force is feebleness – think of the biggest, baddest, meanest mofo you know…I bet you’ve seen that person turn to mush when they’re around that certain someone that they love – whether it’s a family member or their partner, you’ve seen that badass transform in the face of love. Nothing in this world is stronger than love. In death, it’s the only thing that we take and leave at the same time.

The truth more first than sun,  more last than star– God’s eternal and unconditional love and our corresponding inner spirits of love, preceded us and our creation in this world, as it preceded this world’s creation. Before the sun was created, love was already working the scene. And in the end, love is all there is. And all we need.



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