Freeing Speech

So I recently went down an internet rabbit hole of ridiculousness with regard to what the author or someone they had interviewed kept referring to as “free speech.” In most contexts, this reference to “free speech” operated as an excuse for allowing hateful trolls to continue to be hateful.

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Look, I am all about free speech, but I think more people need to be educated as to what “free speech” is intended to represent because hateful trolls who torment others is not the intended beneficiary.

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My understanding and a much more palatable definition of “free speech” is a term that represents oppressed persons and parties that were or are persecuted for speaking their truths. There’s the key word – TRUTHS. truth-2069846__340I know there are those who say that we can’t say it’s not okay for anyone to say anything because that’s just the gateway drug to us becoming North Korea. That’s bullshit. Allowing people to hate on others FOR NO REASON OTHER THAN BECAUSE THEY DECIDED TO FUCKEN HAVE AN OPINION ON SOMETHING THAT THEY HAVE NO REAL AND RELEVANT CONCERN ABOUT OR DANGER OF BEING AFFECTED BY is beyond ludicrous. And what’s worse is that we allow these fuckheads to do it ANONYMOUSLY!! Related image

These trolls feel entitled to add hateful comments on other people’s posts or pictures, leaving a trail of hate where they weren’t asked to tread. I wonder how many of them would still do that if a universal law was passed that required that they use their whole name, include a picture and their physical location, in order to post a hateful comment? I think we’d see a huge decrease in the number of trolls. Why? Because trolls are internet bullies, plain and simple, and bullies are fucken cowards. If you have psychological issues that you need to work out, do it on your own time, not at the expense of another person’s feelings.

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I sincerely doubt that any of the people who took a stand for this liberty would appreciate it being invoked by cowardly internet trolls who comment just for attention. “Free speech” is intended for people like those in Venezuela who are actively punished by their government if they speak out about the devastating effect that they are experiencing because of the mismanagement and tyrannical ideology and actions of said government. THEY should be allowed to speak about their TRUTH.

And here’s my message to all the internet trolls, listen up, bitches:


5 thoughts on “Freeing Speech

  1. If alarming amount of humanity with mental disorders use the internet how does that motivate progress? If we use a tool to socialize by way of exaggeration how can it best inform? If speech is free, and the speech freer’s refuse to read those who have given their heart and every breath to cushion the destructive forces, to where has the mind really gone?

    The questions I form hone the essays I write. The best questions neutralize the persona, getting at the depth of discoveries, developing the character we each have known is within from much earlier than psychology textbooks reassure. The writer is unique, through the use of language they go about writing to inform, but do much more before the release of their profession. Behind the final draft presented was many drafts of reform. Specializing deepest in setting a tone.

    Such a practice is what universities were made to primarily teach. Yet the lecture for many decades has become conjecture? Our generation has been raised with the escape of every thought; these thoughts have been said and expressed without an outlet for the world to experience. The internet magnifies conjecture because something unfinished yet posing as professional makes another curious. If an intent exists where will the deed be complete? The anticipation of more depressed or oppressed reality like that of the memories that never leave in each of us is like a business card to those who have yet expressed distaste publicly.

    Our civilization has always done poorly at narrative, and a debate could rage for centuries that such a thing conducted for so long has everything to do with persuading more and more to use their human rights. The heroes/heroines in fable told to us as children fixate on the main character, for this struggle being won takes the attention away from the tragedy presented he/she must face. The mundane ways existence unfolds is nothing like that fable, and blending it into grey is the best defense a person has facing insurmountable criticism from a globally connected crowd spectating.

    If language was an invention was it created so the intent through to the deed would shut you up? Is it the Onion’s fault certain politicians are corrupt? Could metaphysics be a clue that language was invented to cure the barbarism without, but equally used to leave the unsure or easily entertained stunned?

    The question forms a future, many of answers reform the present, bettering the questions. This in turn informs generations to come; this speech or those words may represent nothing today. The practice to communicate better and better professes awareness; processes of the brain has yet to be mapped. None of us appear to know how consciousness functions yet we are all globally connected with never meeting face to face? The struggle (which I have always found that word to be an interesting combination of strong and snuggle) could be tinier than we presume to enlarge. The reality tunnel, like a highway with exits, enters another reality tunnel. The nervous circuitry maps your meaning, and from that it begins measuring (milliseconds of pain received so meaning and measurement happen instantly).

    Language, if invented, was to highlight that within before projecting self punching at inanimate objects. The emotions have a difficulty sustaining itself when passion and logic are questioned by the ethics humanity props by living, breathing people who write well enough because they experienced what no one should ever experience. To be accountable for everything was never the easiest video game; a video game demanding responsibility sells poorly. Chatter is impulsive running of this meaning-measuring all at once; perpetuates judgmental ideas. When we give self time, and mix our thoughts well we develop through the proactive and retroactive interference. We take the freestyle and give it conscious effort. That does not mean the freestyle is not worthy, but in the practice of such effort freestyle becomes honed in ways the initial rifting or scratch idea can lift greater meaning.

    Many of great philosopher’s were great poet’s because they filtered through the hoarding of words settling on the best to get across the point shorter than what took another a lifetime.

    A lot of failure condensed in a very short period of my life assists my meaning. It (integrity and time) is hard to hide in language when you measure and mean integrity and time. I still wonder if proficiency is sped up by the best use of time, or if the engagements I have over the years being completely honest feels like it speeds the ‘me’ side up for some ‘I am’ that I am told the me dominates?

    People still go the distance like heroes/heroines without giving in or giving up. Some of them don’t use a YouTube channel or a 5.99 per month website to share their wisdom. Some of us were informed by thinkers who never mapped themselves as a narcissist for hire. I take great care with what I write because words do change the mind (as to how or why or where I haven’t any way to explain best), but forcing yourself on the universe has never been my style. Developing a discourse on what has already been said or written is important.

    Though I have yet to find any great thinker I align one for one, this quote rings my ears when I feel a salesman entrancing my perception to believe their story is competes well enough to buy:

    “Every fact of science was once damned. Every invention was considered impossible. Every discovery was a nervous shock to someone orthodoxy. Every artistic innovation was denounced as fraud and folly. The entire web of culture and ‘progress’, everything on Earth that is man-made and not given to us by nature, is the concrete manifestation of some man’s refusal to bow to authority. We would own no more, know no more, and be no more than the first apelike hominids if it were not for the rebellious, the recalcitrant, and the intransigent. As Oscar Wilde truly said, ‘Disobedience was man’s original virtue’.” – Robert Anton Wilson

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    1. Anything our species gets its hands – or minds – on runs the very likely risk of being abused to the point of near or complete ruin. Even things like accountability. With a “justice” system that rewards based on convictions and allows a prosecution team to determine the tunnel that will be either dug by someone without the means to hire someone to fill in the hole intended, or the hole is magically filled and its as if it was never there at all. And the country that was founded on a “Declaration” that insists that there are certain “inalienable” rights, but their idea of persons deserving this or these inalienable rights very likely did not include anyone other than rich, white property owning men. A country that’s foundation also most certainly must include the outrage behind Taxation Without Representation and yet that is the perfect description of the prevailing situation and has been in this country for longer than anyone alive can remember.

      These don’t even scratch the surface of the things that keep me awake some nights. I have a Justice bone in my body – maybe more than one – that aches and gnaws at me and is in constant conflict with things – ideas, traditions, “ways” – that have been planted in the soil of my consciousness since birth.

      Freedom of speech is just like most freedoms – it’s only free if the tyranny of the majority doesn’t put it in a cage under a rock behind a wall. 🙂

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      1. I have scratched some surfaces in my former pursuit. Raised in an environment where my whiteness was the minority half my childhood to move further into the country where the majority fit the declaration it founded for centuries.

        Sexually and physically abused by people taking advantage, I forged through not one of the richly privileged. Forced to endure the mental abuse of serving in uniform after never being explained how such serfdom could continue. I had no father by the age of ten, no religion explained this experience. Demanding in self to uphold the values our kind pulled from thin air, for feet and hand to till better soil, came solely by the great thinkers throughout time who themselves were trapped behind their walls.

        My travels of the world, and those unplanned engagements in discourse I encountered shaped a world not the State or nation where I was birthed.
        Sitting through ethical dilemma’s, holding my own with those writ’s to the wit of ego mania. My whiteness never helped like the self-taught practices a college can barely degree. Meeting deist after deist unaware of such ism prioritizing. Those opposing my leadership style personalizing rather rationalizing professionally; spitting rhetoric and hypothetical as if they owned it. As if speaking to me was a chore; as if my brain was magically dwarfed because of my dopey look?

        Before founding the democratic fatherhood, none with white bones did anything accept mothering monarchies. The animal’s after the independent seated from the success of revolution marked it only more difficult to animal. My constancy and persistence developed my leaders more than any subordinate I participated.

        The snarling, shit for brain scare tactics, and finger pointing were thought by my superiors to be enough. None inquired my survival through the abuses the minority have mostly experienced in history. Expecting I fold under the pressure of a raised voice or contemptuous suggestions.

        One experience pulled from a notebook I wrote to remind me of the day I said, “What is the point of a fault in passion if the leader is more passionate to punish? For where do you reward? In biting with your standardization? Do you, sitting at the desk with a name and rank on it, truly believe my first harangue is here and now? I have patched wounds far scarier than your awards lining walls…snipping at me about how ignorant I am only proves to hide your own ignorance?

        Maybe you can’t answer those questions, but what are WE to do about the illness in thought? Complain to your subordinate and demand that I can’t complain to mine to fix it?

        For what in all your rude remarks of my character will ever fix the situation?”

        Whiteness never defined me like the world of experience. I would tell those when I was a leader, “Never tell me of our curse; tell me how the air smelled after walking around the barracks with me. The sound of people racked was always filled with laughter and a day now over. Walking changes stagnate thought…that change I blame on every tree, housing chirp after chirp of conscious effort.”

        In the vacuum of space, slavery is alive and well, for the Earth is turning to a sun. The sun rising is a pleasant ease of our kind settling for another. Our kind is at purpose, and accountable for achieving beyond the cosmic cycles. To mimic revolutions was a temporary feature, a foundation to begin something. And none in our known human history began such movement like the recolonization that swept over the world called mercantilism. Under that economic system, entire countries were enslaved and manipulated to be the raw end of the painted corners that came before new found lands.

        Since the decolonization, American independence, improvement to humanity has been taken advantage of; for with freedom comes ill approach opposing freedom. Imagine how wonderful it was to monopolize a corner of the world? Who would want their monthly income to reduce below ten times as much as I personally need to survive?

        Jefferson’s quote in mind stands to reason, even if in life he could never live up to such a thing, “…not to find out new principles or new arguments never before thought of, nor merely to say things which have never been said before, but to place before man-kind common sense of the subject in terms so plain and firm as to command their assent and to justify ourselves in the independent stand we are compelled to take.”

        That statement wasn’t American when he wrote it; that was a global acknowledgement of what he envisioned humanity would become.

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      2. James, I’m so very sorry if it at all seemed as if I was directing any of those American The Unjust comments towards you, I give you my word that that hadn’t even entered m ymind. Sigh. It seems like I can’t do anything right today. I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to offend you or direct any of that towards you, I was just sharing my musings;. I’m sorry.


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