Yes, A Purple Fedora.

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*After finishing this little piece of posting, I couldn’t let it fly without saying that any venom perceived herein is intended as the opposite, you know, like a vaccine, where the thing being vaccinated against is injected to build up your immune system towards it or something like that.

Truth is, I’m not even the slightest bit inclined to persecution or tyranny or any of that bullshit. That’s really the point. So if you are offended by anything I’ve written here, please know that that was not my intention. BUT…maybe you should think about why it is you feel offended. Everything happens for a reason. EVERY thing. Even being offended. ♥♥♥

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Respectfully, I don’t subscribe to any of the infinite scores of “organized religions.” Not because I’m an atheist or agnostic, quite the opposite. The simple reason is that I haven’t found one that doesn’t include prejudice on its menu to some varying degree, whether it be not allowing a woman to hold a priesthood position or condemning people for a sexual preference that doesn’t have anything to do with procreation, or any of the millions of minute and not so minute ways in which we use something like religion as a divisive element and something to hide behind as we cast stones from our glass houses. Sometimes we don’t even realize that division is the ultimate result of our actions…and sometimes it was the intent all along. Now that there is a cavernous spectrum complete with the slipperiest slope imaginable. It’s amazing how some of the little nuances manifest themselves. Ahem….

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Said slip-n’-slide is one of the main reasons I typically avoid conversations with anyone I sense may be even slightly inclined toward over-the-top-zealousness in the religious department. I’ve already ranted about my other main reason, one that I hadn’t realized WAS a reason until recently (here), so I won’t beat that dead donkey. Moving on.


Please understand that my tendency to skirt the issue is in no way indicative of an uncertainty or lack of faith on my part. See, it’s just that I respect everyone’s God-given right to free will and the choices that they make for themselves. Unfortunately, in my experience, many fellow walkers of this planet that subscribe to one of the countless religious factions available, don’t share my view on things like that. This has resulted in situations where I’ve gotten my dander up and my claws out because such a person or persons attempted to shove their choices down my throat.

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Kerissa no likey that shit. Homie don’t play dat and homie won’t play dat, and if you don’t want homie to hand you the offering plate you cruised in on with your ass in tow, you should mind your manners and keep your sermon where it belongs. Where’s that, you ask? Oh, you know, that day and time when people gather with shared purpose, on purpose? I think you call it church? There you go, that’s where it belongs.

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Or, hey, it also has a place in a conversation where you’re asked a question like, “hey, if you were God, how would you judge me and why?” I mean, that is a totally appropriate context in which to pull out your index and get jiggy with it. Otherwise? It’s just inappropriate and disrespectful.

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Keep it in your coozie, Suzie. You too, Steve. In fact, Steve, I think you should be more concerned with all those hateful people who keep talking about “Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve.” Or is this your attempt at deflection? I see. Good luck with that.

P.S. – I’m on your side, bro, check this out:

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Sorry for the detour (you knew it would happen, this is me we’re talking about here), let’s take the next left off of Memory Lane and get back on the Main Reason Freeway.

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The main reason I pulled out my soapbox and the ghosts of my claws, is that I’m officially throwing my Fedora in the ring. To be clear, I still have no intention of shoving my personal relationship with God, as I know and love Him, down anyone’s throat. No, my intention is NOT to remain silent when others inevitably try to do so and, especially, when the way they choose to do so is in direct violation or obstruction of someone else’s God given right to choose their own path. My spirituality and my understanding thereof are personal and I won’t participate in some gunslinger session where bible verses are the bullets, but I will be accepting any perceived invitation to remind people that their choices are just that — THEIRS. But in the nicest possible way, for as long as it’s possible.

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Anyone who believes in a God or Higher Power that would encourage them to harass, ostracize, humiliate — you see where I’m going with this — let’s just stack all that shit under “HURT,” now where was I? Right. Anyone who believes in a Higher Power that would encourage them to HURT others through religious or other unprovoked persecution is not someone I want to know. However, such a person IS someone I’d love to be put in a locked room with.


That was a joke – a little frost breaker, sheeez. Calm down, I am not suggesting violence, come on now! A locked room in which I would be giving the person the presentation of a lifetime. THEIR lifetime. You know, like the Scrooge story, Ghosts of Religious Terrorism Past. But I would make it like an IMAX version on steroids because the person would be hooked up to leads that were connected to all the appropriate nerves and parts of the brain that would allow them to experience what their words and actions felt like for the person they directed them at. I truly think that’s the only way in which the lesson would be effective and learning would follow.

To be fair, I would totally include any, if any, good ones, too. Fair is fair. And it would come with one of, if not THE, Greatest Pieces of Cheese. Win-win.

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That said, my fervent wish and hope is that people run this little IMAX experience for themselves each time they feel the urge to crack their judgment whip and let their beliefs flog the spirit of a fellow child of God. The scars that you can’t see, are always the deepest and the ugliest. Do you really want to be part of that kind of pain? I hope not. I don’t. And I know, with all of my heart, soul, hair, claws, everything, that God wouldn’t want you to be either.

No matter how good you thought your intentions were, the root of that intent is your misplaced, uninvited and inappropriate choice to pass judgment on another child of God. What do you think that says to God? Don’t you think He can do his own job? If not, you should really speak with Him about it. I’m sure He’s got a grievance procedure and would prefer that you not take it upon yourself to overrule His authority. What do you think? Image result for cartoon god quotes

We’re human and we have opinions, some of us more forcefully expressed than others, but all within our rights. The line is crossed when your opinion becomes action. Know your role and your rights and respect those of others. Easy peasy.

Okay, that’s enough for now. I’ll slide my claws back in and comb back my mane. For now.


Stay True to You, Boo-boos.

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