Emotional Creatures

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That Dale Carnegie, what a genius. This particular one of his oodles of great sayings is one that I find particularly beneficial to remember for daily life. It reminds me that as logical as I think I am – and might be, for real – I am very much more so an emotional creature.

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I certainly do my best to find the logic in any situation, but it’s my emotions; my feelings that determine how I find it and what I do with it, if I’m being honest. Let me see if I can give a good explanation for this because I realize that may sound hollow without one 🙂

Okay, let’s say that I’m selling my car. I would find logic in looking up the Kelly Blue Book value of my car first, to see what it’s worth, according to the current market in my target selling area. Me being me, I would have to figure out my Anchors, which in this case would be: a) listing prince; b) the probable selling price; and c) the bottom-line, no deals under this number price.

Image result for negotiationNow let’s say that I get a hit and it’s from some used car salesman who tries to low-ball me and blow smoke up my – you know what I mean. The most logical way to handle this would be to stick to my predetermined 3 prices, and haggle unless and until I hit my bottom barrell number, right? Right. But what would I be more likely to do? One of 2 things: 1) stay firm on my listing price because I don’t like his condescending attitude and if he won’t pay it, cut his line and move on; or 2) play along and let him think I’m some ditzy broad who has no idea what cars are worth and then spin it on him and end up making him pay more than my listing price. Why? Because I am an emotional creature and our encounter made me feel a certain way and I reacted to it.

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There’s nothing wrong with being an emotional creature. I think the important thing is that you recognize and appreciate that that’s just human nature, and that you don’t let it take over. Roll with it, don’t let it roll you.


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And don’t ever let anyone tell you that it’s wrong to be an emotional creature because that’s bullshit. Do we sometimes make mistakes because we got a little carried away with our emotions, yes, and there’s a very good chance of this happening again in the future. Don’t fight it, own it. Roll with it.

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And, hey, guess which kind of intelligence is being touted as the most valuable at the moment? That’s right, Emotional Intelligence. That’s Wassup.

Image result for emotional intelligenceTake care of yourselves – and mind your emotions, eh? Hahaha!


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