Eternal Springs That Shine

What comes first, the hope or the dream? Much like the chicken and the egg thing, it depends on who you ask, eh? 😉

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If you asked me, I think it’s the hope. I think the hope is what inspires the dream. A whole bunch of dreams can come from just one hope. The hope that each person finds what they’re looking for is a source of unlimited dreams.

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Even on my worst days; the days when I find myself at the bottom of a deep, dark hole of I-don’t-know-what-but-it’s-not-pretty, somewhere inside me a light refuses to be distinguished. The halo of hope is held eternally held steady by the Divine, as I know and love Him, for me, and as you see and understand that presence, for you.

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“Hope springs eternal,” is a slightly misleading phrase, but well intended, I’m sure. See, to me, it implies a liquid of some sort. I think the initiator of this age-old idiom was attempting to capture the feeling of the halo of hope enveloping them, so I can see how a liquid reference would ‘spring’ to mind because hope wraps itself around you, encasing you in a warmth that you can feel in your soul.

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But it doesn’t stop there. It breaks through the clouds that have gathered around and distorted your view of yourself and your world, and it shows you Why.

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Of course, you’ve got to look and see for yourself, but hope makes sure that the option is always available.

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Love can move mountains. Faith can see you through. Hope can remind you Why.

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And Grace makes sure we get another shot.

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