Unicorns and Snowflakes

Okay, now that you’ve got my basic history, I think the next important thing for me to put out here is that you and I are completely different people. I know, I know, you’re thinking, “uh, yeah, thanks Captain Obvious.” Hear me out, because I know it seems like an obvious thing, but the reason I’m making a point to point it out is that I want you to always keep that in mind whenever you read something I share about what I tried and what does and doesn’t work for me. Key words: FOR ME.

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Each of us are like a super secret recipe. God doesn’t do cookie cutters.

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I know I put “snowflakes” in my title here, but between you and me, I don’t know about the whole “no 2 snowflakes are the same.” I’ve never actually touched a snowflake and I certainly haven’t done any research into that claim, but the general understanding of that particular idiom is absolutely appropriate for us here.

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I’d love to say we’re unicorns, but then wouldn’t I be saying that we’re either mythical or just extinct? Too much analysis, I know. Story of my life. I love to think I’m a unicorn. So let’s just say we’re Snowflake Unicorns. Who’s gonna stop us? HA!

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You know what the funniest thing about this meme is? I didn’t make it, it came up when I googled “snowflake unicorn”!! That means it IS a thing! Okay, no it doesn’t, but it DOES mean there are others out there, haha!

As always, I’ve gone off on a tangent, but you know what? I’ve learned to appreciate the renewed mental freedom to do so. There was a time when my tangents were almost extinct.

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What I’m hoping to get across here is that you, me, and every other person out there, are unique. And because none of us are exactly the same, there isn’t just one single, cure-all solution for our personal issues. What works for me may not work for you, but that’s as it should be. Your solution will be tailor-made for you — customized exactly so just for you because you deserve a solution that addresses everything YOU need it to.

I know I may be beating this point to death, but I just want to make sure that you remember that you’re so special that you must have your own specific solution and that you aren’t discouraged if I say “oh, I just love making jewelry, it calms me down and makes me feel less stressed,” and you think jewelry making is stupid or tedious and it doesn’t help alleviate your anxiety at all. That’s okay! So jewelry making is not for you, that doesn’t mean there isn’t something out there that can be for you what jewelry making is for me, because I’m absolutely sure that there is.

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I’ll be sharing things that did AND didn’t work for me. I’m sharing what didn’t work for me because it could work for you. Try it! Just because I say it didn’t work for me, doesn’t take it out of the running. If I tried it,that means that I read something somewhere that I thought made sense (trust me, I’m quite the skeptic, so if I tried it, whatever I read was very convincing). I’m going to do my best to provide links, whenever applicable, to where I found an idea that I tried, so that you can check out the actual source for yourself, but honestly, I didn’t keep track of most of them. BUT I think I’ll be able to find most of them again. Research is my middle name.

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Just kidding, I don’t have a middle name, haha! But if I did… it would be something Samoan. Probably.

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Okay, so we’re clear now, right? I mean, you know that your recipe for balance is going to be one of a kind and probably not exactly the same as mine or anyone else’s. And that’s absolutely cool. We’re Snowflake Unicorns, remember? We invented cool.

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Take care of yourselves. And in parting, I leave you with this:

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