The most difficult part of life is one that is inescapable and poetically bittersweet, as a whole. Sometimes it’s wonderful and exciting and you feel like you’ve got it all worked out now. Then other times it’s a wrenching loss that you always knew would come along one day, but always hoped it would be another day.

It’s present in us and manifests itself on all levels.

Physically, it takes us from a tiny embryo to the shell that we find ourselves in today, and all the amazing things that happened on the way.

Mentally, it takes us from knowing more than we thought we knew or was possible, to realizing we don’t know much.

Emotionally, it sloshes us around, bashing us up against things we didn’t expect and away from things we don’t want to let go of.

Spiritually, it takes us from an infinite connection that is each one of our birthrights and sets us on varied paths that test that connection and under the influence of things that can sever or strengthen it.

The one thing that we have, always, to help us navigate many of the things that this inescapable force brings us face to face with? Choice. Free will. If we would only remember that, imagine what that could mean for this world.

If every person was held accountable to themselves, by themselves, and forced to treat themselves as they treat others, imagine…

For all those who point fingers at a religion or a family tradition or whatever else they imagine they can pin their choices on, remember that. It is your choice.

Change is inescapable. So is accountability.  Make choices that you can be proud of as an individual and would stand behind if left to face the consequences for that choice, as an individual. Because that is exactly what you can look forward to.

Love is the most powerful force and we all have the capability of producing an infinite amount of it. Choose love.


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