O Holy Night – Hawaiian Style

While scrolling through the WP Reader, I came across the headline “5 prompts that you must write, right now!” Sounds urgent, right? Right. So I clicked and read and then even clicked and read another post about 5 MORE to write, right now. This is the one I chose to write about RIGHT right now.

I’m sure that most of us are familiar with Christmas carols and that most of those most of us have our favorites. My 2 favorites for as long as I can remember have been “Silent Night” and “O Holy Night,” with the latter being my #1.

“O Holy Night” has always spoken to my heart. As a kid, I thought it was just because it was so beautiful and….reverent. Now, as an adult, I’ve realized that the song talks about hope. It talks about feeling like everything had gone to shit and that there was nothing you could do about it and then one night, this kid is born and you just felt the fire of faith being rekindled in your soul. That’s deep.

I think it talks about recovery. From addiction, from heartbreak, from disgrace, from anything that makes you feel less than.

If you’re not from Hawaii or somehow have ties with our island chain or island music, then you’ll probably never have heard my absolute, far and away, favorite rendition of this song, sung by “Willy K” (Willy Kahaialii), a local boy and amazing musician with the uncanny ability to make you dance with one song, then break out in chicken skin the next. You will not regret clicking on the video below and experiencing this magic.

BONUS: One of my favorite renditions of my other favorite, by the legendary Makaha Sons and featuring the beautiful Ms. Robi Kahakalau – it is so awesome.

Happy Listening 🙂


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