Justice is a Decision

The wise Professor Sullivan remarked that, “Justice is a Decision.”

It’s not a guarantee, a promise, but it is our right.

Justice is an action taken by those with good will and intent.

Justice, when the need arises, can’t be had without a fight.

In battles fought for and in the name of Justice,

Righteousness is always at the foundation.

Justice is the Right of every individual, each one of us,

No matter color, creed or nation.

Justice is a responsibility, but not a requirement or obligation,

Each one of us is given the choice,

To turn our heads & surrender our right –

Or to hold on to our faith and raise our voice.

Bravery and courage don’t require a cape or sidekick,

All that’s needed is a heart that’s aim is true.

Fear is not a sign of weakness or inability,

Don’t let it dictate what you do.

For those who seek to violate our right to Justice,

Listen up because you’d do well to take heed,

You will not prevail, you will not win,

You are an unnecessary and dying breed.

Your ignorance and your wickedness

Are their own punishment, you’ll see.

However, should you have any questions,

Please feel welcome to ask me.


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