Ode to My Real First Lady

Smiles and hugs and kisses, let me know love was a choice

Letter people and Dr. Suess books  were the seed of my voice.

The unquestionable knowledge that I am special beyond a doubt

And the unconditional love that no child should ever be without.

My one person First Response Team that often doubled as the Clean-up Crew

The hand that held mine and told me I was loved, even after all the trouble I got into.

The confidence in myself and the knowledge that there’s nothing I can’t handle, do or be,

Is a gift that nothing could ever take away, it’s instilled that deep.


How could I ever appropriately thank the fountain of all that’s best about me?

Well, mom, I know you’re reading this, so just know that I’ll always keep trying.

I love you



Love is the voice under all silences,the hope which has no opposite in fear,the strength so strong, mere force is feebleness.The truth more first than sun, more last than star.

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