Inn Saei

Last night I was cruising through Netflix, looking for I don’t know what, and I came across a documentary released by Zeitgeist Films, entitled “Inn Saei: The Power of Intuition.” Intrigued, I read through the synopsis and hit play. It was one of the most enlightening collections of information I’ve ever had the pleasure of experiencing.

Innsaei is the ancient Icelandic word for intuition, but has multiple meanings in the culture, including “the sea within,” “TO see within,” and “seeing from the inside.” The directors are Icelandic natives Hrund Gunnsteinsdottir and Kristin Olafsdottir and features Hrund’s narration throughout. The documentary is beautifully well rounded, discussing intuition and its intended role in our lives as told through different cultures and methods. We visit with spiritual leader, Malidoma Patrice Soma, a West African elder and author and PhD, who tells us about the belief the we’re given five senses to experience things from every angle. He talks about how our destruction of Mother Earth has a direct correlation with violence against women – I know, it sounds strange, but you have to hear him explain and it makes total sense.

We talk with the amazing Marina Abramovic, the “grandmother of performance art,” who talks about the experiences she’s had throughout her life and with her art and how it has impacted her.

A part that’s near to my heart because of where I live and was raised, is the part where they discuss the ancient Polynesians’ sea voyages and how they managed to navigate with no maps and no idea where they were going, simply using nature to show them the way.

We visited a school in the UK that has a program called “Mind Up” (I think that’s the name of it, I apologize if that’s incorrect) where, as part of their daily curriculum, they learn and practice mindfulness and how to cope with the world and all the “noise” that can cloud our thoughts and color our reactions.

The film is beautiful and if you have Netflix, I highly recommend that you check it out. If you don’t have Netflix, check out this site for possible viewings. It is both scientifically supported and culturally enriched. But more than anything, it has shown me additional paths to myself and how to get back in tune with me. Good stuff.


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