Equality, Worth and Changing the World.

WAR (2).jpgWe are all created equal through the infinite wisdom of our Creator. Pure of heart is how we enter this world; without fear, preference, bias, and without knowledge of the endless classifications that divide us. This is easy to prove in the pure love and unquestioning acceptance you find in children. Until they’re taught different. Until WE teach and show them different.

Difference IS NOT division. We are created equal and manifest our differences with time and circumstance. We were meant to be different, but not as a reason to segregate and separate us. We were meant to be different to COMPLEMENT and ASSIST each other in meeting the needs of our families and loved ones, and this world.

We live in a society, in a world, where hierarchy is the norm. But not the hierarchy that our Creator intended, but a hierarchy created to classify us and put us in order of rank. A rank decided by those who are not our Creator. The original intent of the concept of hierarchy was very, very simple. There is the Creator and the rest of us. That’s it. This wasn’t enough for some people; people who wanted power and glory and control of things and others. Power and glory and control that doesn’t belong to them.

They, the ones that somehow continue to perch themselves on the top of the heaping pile of bullshit that is home to many power-hungry souls who have forgotten where they came from and why they’re here. But they’re not the only ones to blame. We, the rest of us, who have kept our voices down in public, not wanting to bring attention and the unwanted strife we imagine will be ours if we speak up for ourselves – we don’t speak up for ourselves. Not enough, anyway. And when one of us does speak up and speak out, and they’re punished – put in prison for trumped up charges and vilified by the media – we sigh, turn the channel and forget about them.

I’ve heard people say that money is the root of all evil. I disagree. It’s the root of all like guns kill people. Oh wait, they don’t. PEOPLE kill people. And I’m quite positive that even without the gun, that person would kill. Money isn’t evil, it’s those who have it that manipulate its intended purpose and make the rest of the world think money is bad. Money is not the root of all evil. To me, that award belongs to Greed.

AND NOW, I have to ask…How is it that we think 1% of this world’s population has the power to control the other 99%? The sheer NUMBER — 1 versus 99 — is mind-boggling to me. How have we been made so meek and so scared, how is it that we feel like we are of so little value that 1% of this world’s population gets to make all the rules for the rest of us??

I don’t agree with that and I never did. My citizenship is something I was born into. My heart, soul and mind are what I was born WITH. It’s time we start remembering that and remembering our worth. We are worth the world. We are worth it all.

The root of Kemoli is a hybrid of endless strains of information that I’ve collected throughout my life that I’ve finally had the time to assimilate and nurture into the beautiful understanding I hold in my heart today. I have pledged to share what’s in my heart with any and all, not to persuade, not to convince, not to demote or negate anyone’s beliefs or feelings. I share what’s in my heart to give. To comfort. To inform. To bring new perspective for those who might be in search of the same.

We can change this world. I believe in us. I hope you do, too.



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