*Ahem* Uh, is this thing on?

Well, if we’re talking about this blog site, then yes, it is on. Unfortunately, I’m still getting it together and now that I think about it, perhaps I should have done what I’m doing now BEFORE signing this site up, eh? Well…too late for backsies, I think…

It’s cool, though, I’ve learned to trust the universe & the Divine, they always know what’s best – that’s not always what happens (*cough*TRUMP), but that’s the real test of faith, isn’t it? When what you thought was sure to happen doesn’t happen and you’re left with your mouth open and face scrunched up in confusion, wondering “WTF?!?” I don’t know about you, but my life’s had been full of those moments. Fewer and fewer with time, but I don’t know whether to be happy I’m not so naive anymore or sad because that means I’m at least a little more jaded than I hope I am. HA! I’d rather be happy, so I choose the first one 🙂

Since this site is still under construction, I thought it would be a good idea to just post a little note to anyone that happens across the page. Not that I expect heavy traffic or anyone but my mom, MAAAYBE (this is a new site that I haven’t told her about yet), but that doesn’t matter. If just ONE person (mom included!) visits, I’ll feel like these ideas of mine may have a chance! So THANK YOU!! If you’re reading this, THANK YOU!! You’ve given me renewed hope and you’ll never know how much that means to me. I could tell you, but you’d get bored.

Anyway, this is just a little love note from me to you to say…


Stay tuned for Upcoming Awesomeness!! 🙂


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